You're invited, again!

Its my fourth annual birthday celebration! My birthday has been going on for many more years than four but I have been doing these parties for only four years now. It should be a lot of fun so be sure to stop by!
And yes, I realize I forgot the apostrophe.


Happy New Year!

While I always post my Christmas card online I also send a handful of physical letters to people and in them I always say something to send them to my blog with the promise of updates. I understand I have not been doing this for the past couple months but I want to do better.

For starters I had a lovely Christmas and New Years. While last year was an amazing experience to visit Pittsburgh and New York City I treasured the chance to stay home for the first time since Christmas 2003. Each day I went to bed in my own bed and woke up with no pressure to do anything.

Anyway, besides doing nothing which is boring to read about here are some things I did.

As you all know I am working for a catering company now and I did our first event mid-December. My old company, Mocavo, hired me on to cater their company party and we went all out. We served prime rib, herb mashed potatoes, roasted balsamic carrots, and bread pudding.
Playing the part while plating the pudding.
I was immensely ill-prepared and would have drowned if my friend Jon hadn't jumped in to save me. Still with his help I ended up working 22 hours the day of the event with prep, my standard gig, the event, and clean up. It was fun but I'll grab several people to help me next time.
For Christmas my mother made a roast goose! The whole house smelled like a Dickens novel. Besides making smoked potatoes for our small family dinner I found some purple sweet potatoes for our larger gathering. It was unreal how purple they were, it really looked like royal purple play-dough.
We finished the year off with a "Cat Show-Off" as planned by my friends' child and all went to bed promptly at 12:05.

Happy New Year!


Christmas Card 2014

Happy holidays!

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to write to you this year after a near drowning mishap with my friends in Yellowstone. Thankfully I survived and get to send this card to you all.

Photo by Mirielle Sanford
This year I moved into a new house with my sister, Allison. Its a beautiful historic home right in the heart of Provo and we have enjoyed having many small get-togethers with friends inside its walls. We like to brag that we live in a house with its own Wikipedia page which you can read here.

Soon after moving I left my job at Mocavo and joined a small catering company in South Provo called Mountain Vista Catering. Its a small company so while I run their outside sales I also am working in the kitchen and learning a great deal about food preparation, mostly how great it is to have a commercial kitchen.

I am still serving as the executive secretary in my local congregation and it continues to prove satisfying. This is my third Bishop to serve under and I’m hoping to hit four years of service (coming up in June) before they shift my labors elsewhere.

I wish you the very best this Christmas and send this note with my love.


November Condensed


This will be a tiny post but my Christmas card will be coming up soon; hopefully next week. I did however want to share a bit of what happened in the month of November since I neglected my blog the entire time.
I voted in the midterm elections! This isn't very exciting on its own but I wanted to take the weirdest #ivoted photo; thankfully I had a bunch of stickers from my time working for the county Elections department a couple years ago.
I cooked my first turkey! Our Gilmore Girls group has a monthly potluck and we naturally had a Thanksgiving theme this month. (Photo by Mirielle Sanford)
For actual Thanksgiving Allison and I drove over to Colorado and stayed with my brother, Seth. My aunt hosted the dinner which was fantastic except for two things: my dish turned out to be unpalatable, and there were no sweet potatoes; so sad. We hit the thrift stores for black friday and I found the coolest typewriter. Which I now plan on using to type everything from checks, forms, and envelopes.
While we were there we also picked up  my brother's old TV and in-house AC unit (for our living room), and our grandmother's grandfather clock which now sits proudly in our main hall.

OH! AND I BOUGHT MSG! I bought three pounds of MSG which I am so exited to start using in food. I am totally serious about this and am not being ironic, I really bought MSG and I really am excited to figure out how to use it as a seasoning. I'm hoping to start implementing it in recipes at work as soon as possible.


McKinleyville Trip

My brother Justin recently moved himself and his family out to Northern California and so five weeks ago Seth flew out to Provo and we made the 16 hour drive to visit them. The drive was pretty but the only remarkable things were that it rained the entire time and the strong skunk smell of marijunana as we started driving through Humbolt County, CA.
Trinidad Beach
 Over the next week we went on various excursions. The kids were still in school so Seth and I would go on solo trips during the day with a big group outing later in the evening. Seth and I also cycled through all the kids giving them special trips with us each night we were there.
Trinidad Beach (this is not a gravestone)
I unfortunately did not take many pictures but in addition to the below Seth and I explored downtown Eureka and saw some meth-heads sell stolen merchandise, we went to a tiny cheese factory in Loleta, I learned all about Animal Jam and my nieces' obsession over it, and picked up my nieces and nephews from school every day.
Riverbed in the Avenue of the Giants

The second tallest totem poll, someone in Canada took the crown.

Fern Canyon, a really cool hike through a steep riverbed where the walls were literally covered in ferns. There were also caterpillars EVERYWHERE; carpeting the walls and piling up in big piles of corpses in the river)

On the last day we went to Agate Beach and watched the sunset.
One of my neices asked if we could go to Moonstone Beach for her special evening because "everyone gets along at Moonstone Beach." It was in fact a magical place.

We had a fire on the beach fulfilling one of my dreams.
The trip was a nice mix of relaxation and doing things and I'd happily visit again. Apologies should be said to Justin and Jen as I did not take a single picture of them even though they kindly hosted us.

For good measure here is a cute video of my niece Wren playing on the beach after the camp fire.



New Jobs

Guys, so I know I haven't posted on this blog in a long time but once a month is still decent. To be fair my computer was broken and the thought of writing a post on my phone sounded miserable but as of yesterday my laptop is back on its feet which means this blog can join it.
Photo by Jon
I wear a hat now.
First off I should tell you that I started a new job. As of the eighth I am now a "chef" at Mountain Vista Catering which is located in South Provo. The gist of the job is that I work with a team of three other people and craft lunches for around 200 people every day. Since its only lunch the hours are great and it involved a bump in pay so I'm still making roughly the same as I did at Mocavo.

Speaking of Mocavo, it goes without saying that I quit. My last two weeks involved training my replacement (less several days when the office was closed) which meant I just hung out with my coworkers. I worked at Mocavo for over a year and a half and I was sad to go but it will be a good change in my life.


I also got released as the ward executive secretary! To be more accurate, the ward I was serving in was dissolved and everyone was released. Even though I had advanced notice of the change it still hurt my heart to hear the official announcement a few Sundays ago. I served and lived in the Provo YSA 226th ward for many years and had many great memories.
Bishop Kaufusi and President Mackay, the two Bishops I served under.
Almost our entire ward was absorbed by a neighboring Stake and we are now part of the Provo City YSA 2nd ward and I was immediately called as the  ward executive secretary.

Press onward, ever onward.


The one where I moved and almost died.

It happened almost a month ago but it’s a big enough deal that it still deserves a blog post. On July 19 I moved out of my dear cousins’ house (after four years) and into the coolest house in Provo, the Knight-Allen House.
Used without permission, sorry Kersti.
My sister  and I will be sharing the upstairs 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment and couldn’t be happier with it unless it had air conditioning. I keep hoping that we will be haunted by Inez Knight, the most famous resident of the home and sometimes when I am home alone I will start talking to her in hopes that she decides to be my friend. She would then make me ghost-pies which taste just as good as normal pie but have zero calories because my body can't digest ectoplasm.

Really though the apartment is great and I’ve been so caught up in getting the place set up that I have neglected most of the rest of my life. I don’t have any pictures of the interior but if you ever want a tour we can do a Google Hangout. Once we finish the furnishings some more we will host a housewarming party for those in the area.

Fear not though, I haven't sold my summer to this house even if it feels like it sometimes. My good friends J&T invited me along on a couple family vacations to Bear Lake and a road trip through Yellowstone and the Tetons.
Paddleboarding on Bear Lake with Harrison. I am so safe.
Playing in "Shelterland" at Yellowstone which was basically a bunch of log lean-tos. This was our primary activity in Yellowstone.
While in Yellowstone we went swimming in Firehole River, a semi-rapid popular swimming area. Jon convinced me to jump into the rapids and float down the river. I had a feeling it was a bad idea but I also have a bad habit of doing things to appear masculine so I plunged in the river. After scrambling to reach the surface I floated for short time before going through a narrow section and being sucked below. By the time I got out my entire body was exhausted and I almost was unable to swim to shore. These kind of near-death experiences are important.

We stayed in Jackson over night so we had to take our picture at the antler arch. Poor Jon is never in any pictures.
Hanging out at Jenny lake in the Tetons.
Drinking coke in Cokeville, WY.
The saddest part of the trip was easily on the way home. As we were leaving Cokeville an eagle swooped down in front of us and we slammed into it at 50 MPH. As I turned around I watched it tumble from the air into the grass surely dead or soon to be. We didn't stop.

It was a good trip.

Here are some other pictures.
We went to Llamafest and Allison made a llama head that could spit even.
Deer selfie while picking raspberries in Mapleton. I ended up making jam which turned out pretty good.
I turned into a dinosaur for a child's birthday party.
Onward and upward.